Lineup – April 30th @ 9:00pm…

Brendan and Lance Present…

Mike Dobbins  (Lance’s favorite comedian in NYC)

Danny Cohen – (Comedy Central)

Kenney Woo  (Team Capone Comedy Tour)

Alexis Guerreros  (The Popular “Show Me Your Bits” Podcast)

Boris Khaykin  (Comedy Central)

Jesse Jones – (The Popular “Retro Showdown” Podcast)

Ashley Brooke Roberts – (UCB Theatre’s “Fresh Out”)

Pete Bladel – (Boston Comedy Arts Festival)

Lineup – April 23rd @ 9:00pm…

Brendan and Lance Present…

Jeffrey Joseph – (NBC’s “The Tonight Show”)

Ben Kronberg  (Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour”)

Nathan Macintosh – (Montreal’s “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival)

Amber Nelson  (Comedy Central’s “Mash Up”)

Matt Donaher  (Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch”)

Taylor Clark  (The Popular “Big Ups” Comedy Show)

Clark Jones – (Comedy Writer – Chicago Tribune)

Craig Mahoney – (Creator – Jersey City Comedy Festival)

Lineup – April 16th @ 9:00pm!

Brendan and Lance Present…

Mike Vecchione  (NBC’s “The Tonight Show”)

Marc Theobald – (Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show”)

Myq Kaplan  (CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman”)

Dan Levy  (Comedy Central’s “@Midnight”)

Andy Sandford  (Adult Swim)

Alison Leiby – (Bridgetown Comedy Festival)

Zhubin Parang – (Writer – “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”)

Jim Search – (Upright Citizens Brigade)

Kase Raso – (’s “The Writers Block”) 

Lineup – April 9th @ 9:00pm!

Brendan and Lance Present…

Marc Theobald  (Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show”)

Nick Vatterott  (Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour”)

Joe Larson  (Las Vegas Comedy Festival)

Jess Salomon – (CBC’s “George Stromboulopoulos Tonight”)

Eman El-Husseini – (Montreal’s “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival)

J.F. Harris – (The New York Comedy Festival)

Chris Calogero – (Boston’s “The Comedy Studio”)