New Video From The Gandhi Team!

Joel Osteen Asks New Yorkers For Money

I dressed up like Joel Osteen and asked New Yorkers for money. They were very generous. Edited by the great Dan Hirshon and produced by surfer king Lance Weiss. Joel Osteen – Exposed

Posted by Brendan Fitzgibbons on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Starring Brendan Fitzgibbons. Shot & Edited by Dan Hirshon. Produced by Lance Weiss.

Gandhi Crew headed to Kansas City!

Greer Barnes & Judah Friedlander!

Greer Barnes and Judah Friedlander stopped by Gandhi on last week’s April 5th show!

Thursday, March 16th @ 11pm!


Also check out our monthly show at UCB Theatre East! – HERE!

Trump or Porn?

Trump or Porn?

Posted by Lance Weiss on Wednesday, February 22, 2017