This Week’s Lineup

Lineup – August 14th @ 9pm…

Brendan and Lance Present:

Pat Dixon – (“Comedy Central Presents”)

Adrienne Lapalucci – (Winner “People’s Choice Award”)

Joe Larson – (NBC’s “The Tonight Show”)

Nathan Macintosh – (Montreal “Just For Laughs”)

Chelsea Hood – (The CW’s “Eye Opener”)

Brian Parise – (Montreal “Just For Laughs”)

Travis Irvine – (NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show”)

Joe Praino – (Boston Comedy Festival)

Lineup – August 7th @ 9pm…

Brendan and Lance Present:

Greg Warren – (“Comedy Central Presents”)

Ben Kronberg – (Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour”)

Frank Liotti – (NBC’s “Law and Order”)

Scott Moran – (Creator PBS “Modern Comedian”)

Christian Polanco – (His popular podcast “Offstage with Christian Polanco”)

Corinne Fisher – (Her popular show “Sorry About Last Night”)

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